Official Plan & Zoning By Law Reviews & Updates

Official Plans, Secondary Plans and Zoning By-laws (New or Revised).

Township of Ramara

Over the course of our Careers, planners at EcoVue have prepared numerous planning documents for client municipalities. In most cases, the quality of our work has meant that our client municipality has been able to avoid the costs and delays associated with challenges from the public and other interest groups.

In cases where appeals were launched we have been generally successful in bring the issues to resolution through mediation between the parties. Of particular note was an appeal launched Wendy’s

Township of Faraday

Restaurants of Canada, A&W Food Services of Canada, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association, and TDL Group Corp. concerning specific provisions within the Township of Faraday Zoning By-law.

Township of Otonabee – South Monaghan

The appeal was settled through informal mediation and discussions, with the appellants commenting at the time that the By-law was one of the best Zoning By-laws for a rural area ever reviewed by their professional team.

Municipality of Trent Lakes