Urban Planning and Design

With the goals of economic prosperity, environmental protection and quality of life now at the centre of planning policy in the Province, urban and rural settlement areas have increasingly become the focus for growth and development in Ontario.

Lock 34 - Fenelon Falls

Lock 34 – Fenelon Falls

Provincial planning policies emphasize the importance of managing development to ensure that there is sufficient land available to meet current and future needs. Efficiency in development patterns and optimization of investment in infrastructure and public service facilities are key elements in the design of both greenfield areas and in intensification and redevelopment of existing areas.

Jackson Heights Developments - Peterborough

Jackson Heights Developments – Peterborough

Municipalities are required to demonstrate that development within their boundaries meets the densities targets established for them by the Province. Low impact development and green infrastructure are now considerations in the design of servicing plans for large and small developments alike. Plans must support active transportation and the viability of public transit and incorporate infrastructure corridors where appropriate.

These challenges bring with them great opportunities for re-use and re-purposing of existing buildings, innovative design of public spaces and diversity in housing options. The planning process has become increasingly complex – planning applications for land use change and development require the expertise of a professional planner if they are to be successful.

At EcoVue, we recognize the importance of these changes and the reasons for their introduction. Increasing pressure on finite resources and spiraling costs for municipalities have brought us to the tipping point. We also understand the implications that these policy changes are having on applications for land use change and development. More than ever, it is important for those interested in land development to recognise the constraints and to identify the opportunities where they exist. Over the past eleven years EcoVue has worked closely with our clients to ensure successful projects in both urban and rural settlement areas.  Our planners are skilled in the art of finding a balance between opportunity and frustration and we are available to share our knowledge and understanding with those who are willing to invest in building our communities.  You will find examples of our work in many of the communities throughout Central Ontario.