The majority of new developments or redevelopments require some infrastructure upgrading to meet municipal standards.  This may be as simple as widening a road or increasing the size of a parking lot.  It may also be more complex requiring new construction and the installation of underground services (watermains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers and electrical), roads, parking lots and sidewalks. Either instance will require the services of contractors specializing in the type of construction being proposed.

EcoVue Consulting is in a position to assist with obtaining the correct contractor, at the most economical price, through the tendering process.  This includes the preparation of tender documents detailing quantities and applicable municipal and/or Provincial specifications for the work.  Acting on behalf of the client, we circulate the tender package, evaluate the tenders received and make recommendations for the best choice of contractor.

Once the contractor has been chosen and the work schedule determined, EcoVue Consulting has the staff with the experience to inspect the works at the level required by the approving authority.  This may vary from part time to full time inspection services.

In addition to inspection services, EcoVue Consulting can provide Contract Administration which includes verifying quantities of materials used (if required), the quality of the work and recommendations for payment to the contractor.  A letter certifying the contractor has provided the quality of service required by the approving authority is also provided.