Technical Services

Surveying, Septic Design, Mapping, Site Plan Design, OMB

EcoVue offers additional services in support of land use planning and development for our clients. By offering this suite of in-house services we are able to coordinate and streamline the preparation of applications for submission.

  • For example, topographic surveys are often required as a basis for site plans and plans of subdivision, but are becoming increasingly important for other planning applications where site grading and drainage may be of concern to the municipality. EcoVue’s Surveyor can prepare detailed topographic maps of properties, as well as assist in the layout of internal roads, identification of the locations of buildings and structures, entrances and other features of relevance to an application.

  • In rural areas, the suitability of a property to accommodate an individual sewage disposal system can often determine whether or not a site can be developed. Advice regarding municipal servicing connections, road layouts and entrance requirements is also available from EcoVue’s technical team.

  • Using a suite of digital mapping programs, Adobe Sketch-up, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, our design group can prepare concept plans for properties ranging from individual lots of record to plans of subdivision and plans of condominium involving more than several hundred lots. Whether envisioning a building in the context of its neighbourhood, or designing the neighbourhood itself, an understanding of context and community fabric can go a long way towards ensuring that a project is favorably received. EcoVue is committed to achieving balance between the natural and the built environments where we live and work.

  • EcoVue, in conjunction with Tranplan Associates, can also provide Traffic Impact Assessments, parking justification and utilization studies required in support of specific development applications. The design of access to/from the road networks and the preparation of on-site circulation and parking plans for these development applications is also available through our association with Tranplan.