Rural and Resource Based Development

Rural areas of the Province provide specific opportunities for development associated with agriculture, tourism and recreation, and resource-based development. Green energy production also tends to be associated with rural areas of the Province. EcoVue’s many years of experience with rural planning and development ensures that we can provide you with the professional planning services you need to achieve successful outcomes when you invest in Ontario’s rural economy.

Nestleton Waters Inn - Port Perry

Nestleton Waters Inn – Port Perry

Rural settlement areas, such as hamlets and villages, continue to offer opportunities for those who enjoy a more rural or small town lifestyle.  Consents to sever lots in existing rural settlements, small-scale rural subdivisions within these settlement areas and Infilling within existing waterfront areas all require the expertise of a planner specializing in rural development. EcoVue’s planners have extensive experience in successfully addressing the challenges of rural development, including on-site servicing, setbacks from sensitive environmental features and land use compatibility with existing development.

Recent initiatives by government agencies to recognize and promote agriculture-related and on-farm diversified uses have increased opportunities for rural entrepreneurs.  Adventure mazes and escape rooms, farm-to-table venues, and local craft beer breweries, cideries and wineries are all examples of on-farm diversified uses. If you have plans to develop a rural business, it will be important for you to familiarize yourself with municipal zoning requirements. EcoVue has assisted many clients with planning approvals for rural-based businesses, including Events by Grace at Algoma Orchards, Nestleton Waters Inn and the Burleigh Falls Inn.

Parkbridge Resorts - Melody Bay - Buckhorn

Parkbridge Resorts – Melody Bay – Buckhorn

EcoVue also regularly assists owners of tourism and recreation-based businesses, such as seasonal trailer and cottage resorts and campgrounds, golf courses and retreats, as well. Expansion to existing facilities typically trigger some form of planning approval, whether it be a zoning amendment, preparation of a new site plan, or compliance with municipal licensing.  Parkbridge Cottage and RV Resorts, Bear Ridge Campground, Spruce Glen Trailer Park and Deer Run Golf Course number among our clients.

Although lot creation for non-farm residential uses is no longer an option in most parts of the Province, lot creation may be permitted for agriculture-related uses, such as abattoirs, cold/dry storage facilities, and food and beverage processors (e.g., wineries and cheese factories). Establishing new agriculture-related uses often requires planning approvals from the local municipality and may also involve approvals from the county or regional level as well.  In most cases these municipalities will require you to retain the services of a qualified planner, such as EcoVue to oversee the progress of your application through their approvals process.

Leahy Farms Market - Lakefield

Leahy Farms Market – Lakefield

In some areas, mineral and aggregate resources are an important component of the rural economy. These resources are needed for road construction and maintenance, building construction and industry, as well as shoreline protection and landscaping. EcoVue is available to assist with Planning Act and Aggregate Act Approvals for the establishment of new operations or expansions to licensed areas for existing operations,