GIS & AutoCAD Mapping & Design

Combining theory, knowledge and techniques of landscape architecture, urban design, civil design and physical planning, our technical staff can provide you with designs that work for your development.

EcoVue combines geographic information systems, computer-aided design, visualization and presentation technologies and effective communication to design development concepts that complement existing communities. Plans introduce vibrant landscapes and work in harmony with the environment.

EcoVue produces numerous types of maps and plans that represent information as accurately as possible to communicate its intended purpose. Official Plans, Zoning By-law schedules, amendment schedules, Secondary Plans, Plans of Subdivision, Plans of Condominium, Site Plans and Concept Plans aid in the decisions making process of land management and development planning.


Visualization Services

EcoVue’s design team can help provide visual clarity at all stages of a project – from schematic concepts, to renderings in support of technical planning reports and the all-important public meeting presentations. People imagine the worst when change happens. Our team addresses their fears head on.  When people can see what our client is proposing it helps to offset their fears about what might be.

People can get behind a development project when they feel comfortable with how the proposed change may affect their community. Convincing municipal staff and the community’s political leaders that a development is appropriate and politically acceptable can be difficult. Well designed and presented drawings can make the different between approval and deferral or denial. The importance of local community support cannot be under-estimated, nor should it be.

EcoVue understands the importance of working with the developer and the community to introduce sustainable and suitable development to the communities where we live and work.

Sun and Shadow Studies show at any given time in a year the size and shape of the shadows that will be thrown by buildings. This digital design tool helps landowners and decision makers to visualize the impact of the development on adjacent land uses. As infilling and intensification becomes more common, the importance of ensuring compatibility between new and existing buildings will become more apparent.

Approval authorities may require Shadow Studies in support of development applications to demonstrate that the location and height of a proposed building, will not cause undue hade on the subject lands, and on surrounding context including building facades, private and public outdoor amenity and open spaces, public parkland, sidewalks and other components of the public realm.

EcoVue’s design team can produce sunshine and shadow studies and other digital representations which reflect the scope and scale of your project and address the technical requirements of the municipality.