Feasibility Studies

Are you looking at purchasing a property, but aren’t sure what you can do with it ? Do you have an idea for developing a property, but aren’t sure what you need to do next ?

That’s where we come in. EcoVue’s planners and designers can provide you with the answers and help you on your way. Our Feasibility Studies typically include an examination of the Provincial and local land use planning policies and site characteristics in order to determine the highest and best use on a property. You can also provide us with an idea for a land use and we can examine all of the pertinent documents to determine if you can do it on your property. The Feasibility Study also includes a summary of the required applications you would be required to make and the associated fees, including fee estimates for any technical studies that may be required as part of a development submission. Our design team can also provide you with a concept plan that matches your vision for your project. Our Feasibility Studies range from short letters to lengthy, intricate reports with multiple conceptual plans. The level of depth for these studies is based entirely on your needs.