Duty to Consult with Indigenous Peoples

At EcoVue Consulting, we have a long history of cooperation with the First Nations and Metis community members in the area where we live and work. We have family ties, friendships and professional associations that continue to inform our dialogue.  We recognise that in order to consider the interests of these communities, it is of utmost importance that meaningful consultation take place. Fruitful consultation is grounded in mutual respect.

We have come to understand that a key part of meaningful consultation is being able to bridge the gaps in understanding between the two solitudes and to overcome the distrust that has developed. Development plans are complex and the planning process, despite its focus on public involvement, is far from accessible to most people. At EcoVue, we now include a consultation component in our clients’ work plans. The first step in this process is to extend an invitation to representatives from the First Nations and Metis communities to meet with us to discuss proposals for development. The initial discussions are held well before applications are brought forward for formal consideration by the public and the planning authorities.

We are also available to assist First Nations, Metis, and other Indigenous Peoples communities with their review of projects submitted to them by planning authorities, non-governmental organizations and development proponents. The Duty to Consult includes not only projects undertaken by the Crown but others whose proposals may have an impact on traditional lands and treaty rights. EcoVue’s familiarity with the planning process includes but is not limited to applications under the Planning Act, Environmental Assessment Act, and Aggregates Act, as well as Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission license renewals, Environmental Bill of Rights postings, etc. Our experience means that we can assist our clients in their review of submissions provided to them, through the Duty to Consult, and provide an explanation of possible impacts on issues of particular concern to our clients.

We welcome opportunities to discuss our Consultation program with you.

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