Conceptual design

It is well accepted that pictures speak louder than words. For most people, picturing what a property may look like once it is developed, or redeveloped can be a challenge.

Why Concept Plans work:

  • When planning applications are first initiated, municipal planning staff often require a concept plan to be submitted with a verbal description.  The visual representations help to ensure that the expectations of staff are in keeping with the vision of the proponent.
  • With our expertise in digital design software, we will help translate a vision into a concept plan that is suitable for a particular property.
  • Concept plans are also a useful and widely used presentation tool at public meetings.
  • Neighbouring land owners will sometimes assume the worst when it comes to development next door. Often their fears may be allayed when they are able to see a picture illustrating what is being proposed.

EcoVue’s design staff have the expertise required to produce concept plans which represent attractive and feasible development plans for your property