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Municipal Planning Services

EcoVue Consulting Services Inc. (EcoVue) is based in Peterborough, Ontario. From this strategic location, we are able to serve our growing client base within the Counties of Haliburton, Hastings, Northumberland, Peterborough, City of Kawartha Lakes, and the Region of Durham. EcoVue is a full service municipal and environmental planning firm that provides professional planning expertise to the public and private sectors. Our firm specializes in rural municipal land use issues and policies. These policies affect rural and small urban settlement areas, recreational and tourism based rural residential development, and the wise use of resources, including natural and cultural heritage, ground and surface water supplies, and minerals and aggregates.
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Project: Secondary Plans (Bancroft, Deseronto, Madoc, Marmora, Stirling, Tweed)


County of Hastings

  • Completed Growth Projection and Accommodation Analysis for Northern and Southern market areas of the County

  • Identified lands available for development in each urban settlement area

  • Developed Secondary Plan policies to be included as part of the County\'s Five Year Official Plan review

  • Extension consultation with general public and stakeholders


Project: New Zoning By-law


Township of Galway-Cavendish and Harvey

  • Working with the Township's Planning Consultant, we prepared a new set of By-law schedules

  • Revised text to address changes from Official Plan update

  • Provided technical support for regulation requirements


Project: New Zoning By-law


Township of Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield

  • Took over partially completed By-law update at request of Township and identified areas of concern, including discrepancies and omissions

  • Revised schedules to reflect amended zone provisions and policy changes.

  • Undertook extensive public consultation program

  • Completed the revised By-law for approval to Council


Project: New Zoning By-law


Town of Bancroft

  • Completed the preparation of a new Zoning By-law for the Town

  • Conducted extensive public consultation program

  • Successful resolution of appeal filed by one corporate interest regarding commercial zone provisions


Project: New Official Plan


Municipality of Brighton

  • Completed the required background study in support of the new Official Plan

  • Preconsultation with approval authority and agencies

  • Conducted extensive public consultation program and workshops with stakeholders

  • Prepared new Official Plan policies and schedules for adoption by the Municipality


Project: Planners of Record


Township of Minden Hills 2009-2012

  • Provide planning advice and support for all aspects of municipal planning

  • Municipal Plan Review of Official Plan Amendment Applications, Zoning By-law Amendment Applications Minor Variance Applications, Consents, Site Plans

  • Facilitated approvals for Canadian Tire Store and Gas Bar and Dairy Queen as well as several smaller commercial developments on behalf of the municipality


Private Planning Services

EcoVue specializes in designing and representing sustainable land development plans which ensure protection of unique biological, cultural, scenic and open space resources, while providing for appropriate public access and resource use. It not only makes sense for our environment, it also makes sense from an investment perspective. Approvals proceed quickly, with less cost and frustration all round when the plans are prepared in an intelligent and proactive manner.

Development plans which have regard for and work constructively with opportunities and constraints integral to their land base are the most successful developments.

Effective development planning considers the economic, social and physical development of an area. During pre-planning for development or re-development, it is important to identify main land use areas, opportunities for parks and open space, the location of existing and required infrastructure, communication and transportation systems, and the development and maintenance of educational, cultural, recreational, health and other social facilities. Development plans also take into account the management of natural resources, energy efficient design, and the provision of an appropriate range of housing types.

EcoVue coordinates interdisciplinary teams to design developments and guide them through the required approvals processes. Working with engineers, architects, hydrogeologists, biologists and archaeologists, EcoVue ensures that important scientific information is collected in the field in support of the projects. Combined with digital mapping technologies, these critical data form the basis for sound development plans and sustainable communities.

Our Private Development Services Include:

Feasibility Studies / Site Suitability Assessments
Official Plan Amendment applications, Zoning By-law Amendment Applications, Minor Variance Applications
Development Plans for Subdivisions & Condominiums
Site Plan Approvals and Agreements
Applications for Consent to Sever, Lot Additions, Lot Line Adjustments
Project Management
Expert Testimony before the Ontario Municipal Board
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Project: Whitetail Golf and Country Club Estates


Lally Developments

  • Provided initial feasibility assessment for recreation-based development

  • Prepared concept plan in support of rezoning to permit resort units

  • Coordinated all required technical studies
  • \r\n
  • Presentations to Planning Committee and Council

  • Successful appeal before the Ontario Municipal Board for non-decision by the municipality


Project: Approvals for an Adult Lifestyle Condominium Hastings ON


Zemer Holdings

  • assessed the feasibility of developing an adult life style condominium on the subject property

  • co-ordination of consultant design team (reports)

  • prepared concept and site plans

  • obtained approval for rezoning and plan of condominium


Project: Approvals for the Development of a Drive-In-Havelock ON


Havelock Family Drive-In

  • prepared and submitted an application for rezoning to permit a family-oriented drive-in

  • successful defence of appeal at the Ontario Municipal Board

  • prepared concept and site plans

  • obtained site plan approval


Project: Recreational Resort Expansion - Otonabee-South Monaghan ON


Kawartha Trails

  • co-ordination of all supporting reports to permit the expansion

  • prepared concept plans for expansion

  • obtained approval for rezoning

  • prepared and submitted an application for site plan approval (in progress)

  • liaison with approval agencies (Otonabee Region Conservation Authority, Trent Severn Waterway, The Township of Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ministry of Environment, Peterborough County)


Special Projects

Public Consultation Programs

EcoVue's experience in consulting the public is extensive, innovative and very successful. We use techniques which are designed to measure public opinion and the rationale behind it. We involve stakeholders and the wider community in both research and evaluation with the use of traditional approaches such as open houses and workshops, as well as the use of social media (twitter, facebook) and SurveyMonkey to gather input across various demographics (age, location).

Cultural Resource Mapping

EcoVue has experience with cultural mapping in the wider context of Cultural Planning. This involves the identification and mapping of cultural assets within a community. This is an important step in developing a long term strategy to leverage these assets. Through consultations with residents and stakeholders, the cultural resources of the community are systematically collected and categorized in a database that can be updated over time. Many municipalities across Ontario recognize the importance of Cultural Planning as an economic development strategy.

Expert Testimony at the Ontario Municipal Board

EcoVue's Principal Heather Sadler has represented numerous clients at the Ontario Municipal Board to provide expert planning testimony. EcoVue staff work cooperatively with the solicitor to develop a thorough and comprehensive planning case. It requires the ability to analyze and think creatively about the case. Our planning testimony aims to be completely defensible in front of the board. Detailed witness statements and descriptive graphics accompany our representation at each hearing.

Digital Design Services

EcoVue uses state-of-the-art digital design technology to create maps and plans which effectively communicate spatial and thematic information to the reader. We have a data subscription to The Land Information Ontario Warehouse and use the Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange on behalf of many of our clients.

Our Digital Design Services Include:

  • Official Plan and Zoning By-law Schedules

  • Site Plans

  • Draft Plans of Subdivision

  • Draft Plans of Condominium

  • Technical Report Figures

  • Public Consultation Presentation Boards

  • Trail Maps

  • Neighbourhood Tour Maps

  • Special Event Maps

  • 911 Maps

  • Local Road Maps

  • Routing Maps

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Project: Preparation and plotting of Technical Drawings


Crawford Building Consultants, Lakefield ON

  • plotting of various technical drawings

  • prepare various technical drawings


Project: Preparation of Digital Maps and Plans for Municipal Purposes


Peter Josephs and Associates, Planning Consultants, Peterborough ON

  • prepare Official Plan and Zoning By-law key maps and schedules for client municipalities

  • prepare site plans and sketches for illustrative purposes at public meetings and meetings of Council


Project: Preparation of Figure Sets


Robin Craig, BSc., MSc., Environmental Consultant

  • prepare figure sets for Environmental Impact Study Reports

  • presentation of field data and technical analysis through digital graphics