Municipal Planning Development Planning Special Projects

Before you decide to develop your piece of land, there are many costs you need to know about. Whether you wish to sever a portion of your land to create a new lot or develop a 300 lot plan of subdivision, the cost to develop can be overwhelming.

The costs will depend largely on the type of development application – is it for an Official Plan Amendment, a rezoning, a plan of subdivision or a plan of condominium? It depends on the conditions of the site – does the site contain any significant wetlands, or is it home to an endangered species? What was the former use of the site? Does it contain any hazards? These factors determine the range of technical studies required as part of your development application. Municipal staff will review the studies and evaluate the suitability of the site for development. Lastly, the municipality in which you are developing also affects your cost, as application fees differ from municipality to municipality. The following is a list of the normal costs associated with development. Although this list is not exhaustive, it will give you a good sense of the cost of developing land.

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Obtaining a License for a Pit or Quarry in Ontario: What to Expect

There are a number of areas in Ontario that are rich in aggregate deposits and bedrock formations. If you happen to own property within an area that has been identified as having aggregate potential you may be contemplating developing the land as a pit or quarry. There is certainly a high demand for aggregate materials of all types, and an active pit or quarry can be quite lucrative, depending on the product. However, there are many things to consider when pursuing a license to extract material under the Aggregate Resources Act.

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Getting Your Development Approved – Step One: Pre-consultation
How important is Pre-consultation?

Prior to filing an application under the Planning Act, most municipalities now require applicants to attend a pre-consultation meeting. The purpose of a pre-consultation meeting is to clarify the details of the proposed development and to determine the studies and supporting documentation that will be required to accompany a complete application submission. However, is pre-consultation just another step in the already lengthy and strenuous planning process?

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