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About Us

EcoVue Consulting Services Inc. (EcoVue) is a well-respected municipal land use planning firm, based in the City of Peterborough, Ontario.  Since 2006, we have provided professional planning expertise to the public and private sectors.  EcoVue can offer you the professional planning services that are required to successfully complete your project.

Private Sector Development

Our services include the professional planning expertise necessary to assess your development opportunity and to identify possible constraints (road blocks) and avoid them. However, with each project we devise an effective method for securing a positive outcome to the application. By trouble-shooting potential issues from the outset, we are able to avoid pitfalls in the planning process that may hinder progress of the approvals being sought.

As a result of our experience, we have developed specific strategies for effectively dealing with the political realities of land use change and development. While we cannot guarantee that your application is successful, we can assure you that we will submit a complete and comprehensive application that will put you in the best position to succeed.

Municipal Work

EcoVue is also involved with many municipal projects. From Official Plan and Zoning By-law updates to Growth Accommodation Studies, our professional planners draw from our depth of knowledge and experience with municipal administration and operation. Our municipal clients come to trust us and continue to seek advice from us long after the specific project has been completed. This is advice which we are happy to provide. It is through these interactions that we continue to build relationships with our colleagues in the municipal sector.

At EcoVue, we are committed to enabling the development of complete communities, by encouraging social, economic, and environmental sustainability.  We approach each project with the goal of optimizing the use of land, resources and public investment, while respecting the existing context and the heritage features of a community. EcoVue is committed to the development of land use planning policies and implementing tools that favour neighbourhood and community improvement strategies, such as mixed use, affordable housing, and aging in place opportunities.

Our approach also emphasizes sustainable economic development, particularly through support for local agriculture and other resource-based businesses, tourism-based service delivery and the creative sector.